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The Chateaubriand

The Chateaubriand

Indulge in the ultimate steak dinner with this Chateaubriand Steak Box. This box includes a 26-ounce chateaubriand steak and savory wine sauce. The cut lives up to its name and is one of the most prized beef cuts, renowned for its tender, lean meat and exceptional flavor. Simply season with wine sauce, roast to perfection and then slice on the diagonal. If you are looking for a truly special dining experience, you can try carving the chateaubriand at the table. This is a fun and impressive way to serve this classic dish.

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About this Box

What's included?

1 Chateaubriand 26 oz Center Cut USDA Choice Completely Trimmed

1 Steak Seasoning 6oz

1 Classic Chateaubriand Sauce 16oz

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